Mapping the State Assignment

Hi Guys, here is my long form blog with Irish State Map analysis, hope you enjoy!

mao 2

When I finished Secondary School I thought that my adventure with geography is over but as you can see I was wrong.  15 th of December, what a beautiful date, but not for me and people from my course. We got a it, a massive brief called Mapping the State .  I was very confused at first because Ireland is not my motherland and all institutions, organisations and the structure of the Irish Government are not familiar to me, but when I started figured out what’s going on with that map I really enjoyed it. There you go, my understanding and analysis of a Map of the Irish State. Continue reading


Let Kids Enjoy Their Childhood


My parents didn’t supervise me 24/7 and I’m still alive and fine.  Results and side effects of being overprotective parent.

Childhood is a wonderful thing. This is a period of our life when we don’t have to worry about anything and all we need to do is enjoy free time with friends playing outside. It sounds perfect unless you have overprotective parents that don’t allow you do things you want to do and you should do.

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Years & Years smashed at the Olympia Theatre


Friday, 6th November 2015. That date will remain for a long time in memory of fans of  Years and Years band.

A British Trio came to Dublin to play first headline show in Ireland which was the last position at their 2015 UK and Ireland tour list. As a perfect place to end the tour they chose the Olympia Theatre, where thousands of fans gathered to have a great time with music of their favourite group.

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The Apple Genius

iMac, iPod, iPad and iPhone these are products that everybody knows and everybody has at least one of them. Through the last decade they became very popular and people want use them not just because of amazing design but also because of so many options they provide. I think I can say that Apple products have dominated a  technology world but if it comes about the iPhones they still have to compete with Samsungs.



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