And I hope somewhere you hear me still…



Grandma, the most important and the most loved person in my live. Everyone has a person in live who loves and admires so much. For me that person was my granny. She passed on last summer and for me everything has changed since she’s not here. It is really hard to me writing about this because I was very close with her and I couldn’t be with her in this the most difficult time for her. Sometimes I feel guilty that I didn’t go to Poland to hold her hand and say the last goodbye…

I am very into music and every song  I listen has a different meaning for me. When I’m putting my headphones on I feel like I’m in a different world, my world. Sometimes this world is beautiful and makes me happy but sometimes is just cruel and the only thing I want to do is cry. Between those two feelings some songs remind me about people that I have met in my life. Family, friends or random people I saw on the street. This song reminds me about my beloved granny. The lyrics are just incredible for me and I feel like I can find myself in it, they perfectly describe my situation and the way I feel.

The song is called ‘Let’s Play Birds’. It was written by Fismoll who sings it as well. He is Polish young artist and all of his songs are different, I mean if you are listening to the you feel like you are in a fairytale and you just don’t want the song ends. I’ve known this song before my grandma died but I completely forgot about it. After her death I had those days when I wasn’t feeling well so I was listening sad type of songs and ‘Let’s play birds’ was one of them.  It is not really about death or that feeling you missing someone but it reminds me about grandmother. I don’t know why.

I alway cry when I am listening to this song. It makes me feel like this because I miss my granny so much. There are so many things I want to tell her, so many problem that I want her to help me with. Unfortunately, I won’t have any chance to tell her this. All I have are good memories, photographs and the sound of her voice in my head. I hope, what is more I am sure that she is still with me and she is taking care of me and helping me…


“And I hope somewhere you hear me still

Wherever you are, whatever you feel

And I hope somewhere you hear me still”


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