Let Kids Enjoy Their Childhood


My parents didn’t supervise me 24/7 and I’m still alive and fine.  Results and side effects of being overprotective parent.

Childhood is a wonderful thing. This is a period of our life when we don’t have to worry about anything and all we need to do is enjoy free time with friends playing outside. It sounds perfect unless you have overprotective parents that don’t allow you do things you want to do and you should do.

Happy little girl painting with hands in kindergarten

When I was a child I used to spend plenty of time hanging around with my friends and we loved that. One time we wanted to check what was inside the empty old house at the end of the street so we went there unsupervised, just bunch of 7-year-old kids. The house was frightening. No doors, no windows just empty walls and disgusting smell of alcohol. As kids we were curious . We wanted to check what was there                                                           so we did it. Nobody got hurt, we were safe so our parents too.

It is sad to say but parents ARE overprotective these days and unfortunately we can’t stop them. Nowadays, kids don’t have such a beautiful childhood as their parents had. They can’t play outside alone, go wherever they want. They have to have parents’ permission before they do anything. What is more, parents make schedules for children where they put things that kids are going to do during the day.  For me it is a nonsense and I feel really sorry for all these kids. Let’s tell the truth: they won’t have any memories that can tell their children in the future and they won’t be able to learn from mistakes.

One of the characters of the story by Hanna Rosin says: “When I was a kid, we didn’t have all the rules about health and safety” “I used to go swimming in the Dee, which is one of the most dangerous rivers around’’. These words show us how being a child has changed. The author also claims: ‘’When my daughter was about 10, my husband suddenly realized that in her whole life, she had probably not spent more than 10 minutes unsupervised by an adult. Not 10 minutes in 10 years’’. Parents are getting lost in overprotective parenting and they have no idea how much they hurt kids.


Raising children is a very responsible task which parents have to cope. Overprotectiveness is feature specific to the relationship between parents and children. Overprotection of kids causes that parents are really focused on their kids and often give up their own needs. All they want is to be a perfect parent which means that they do everything for children and control their every move but they are not strict.

This behavior has lots of bad sides. Small child of overprotective parents is convinced that the world outside the home is unfriendly. It has that feeling only mom and dad really guarantee protection against the consequences of wrong things they did.  According to livestrong.com there are a few side effects of overprotective parenting. Lack of self-confidence which is a message from parents to children that they can’t handle life challenges on their own. Kids might feel that parents don’t trust them and don’t let them making mistakes. The next one is illusion of control. Parents believe that only they can keep children safe and protected by being overprotective. That illusion of control may cause rebel behavior of children as they grow older and shatter that illusion. Risk-taking is the most dangerous one. Parental overprotective umbrella makes that kids want to try something new and do something that they parents would never let them do. As we can read: ‘’ Teens might be more likely to participate in sexual activities, drinking or drug abuse. Teens often test the boundaries of their overprotective parents because these children have likely not developed a sense of responsibility for their actions’’. Thrivingfamily.com suggests talking with your teen about taking risks and explain them how dangerous are consequences of using drugs and alcohol. The last one which livestring.com mentions is lack of self-esteeme. Child is not allowed to face life challenges without parental intervention. It is very important aspect of child development because when children struggle with life problems they build their own personality and form opinions about life.


Parents are suppose to love their kids but sometimes they have no clue that their love could also hurt. Let your children try something they don’t know, let them be kids without limited freedom. I hope I will become a mum one day and I’m sure my child would have wonderful childhood without overprotective mummy who supervises her child all the time. I don’t want my kid to be a person who can’t handle with everyday problems. When children become teenagers it’s a hard job to show them a right way and protect them from the entire world. Remember, conservative parents means rebellious children but not only childhood is the most beautiful period of our lifes. Parenthood is the second one so as parents you shouldn’t make is the worst.

As a Johnie Dent Jr. said: “As parents we have a tendency to overprotect; it’s okay to try and show them all positives but we cannot forget that the real world has teeth”.   It’s ok to care about children because we love them but it’s not when we go too far.


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