The Apple Genius

iMac, iPod, iPad and iPhone these are products that everybody knows and everybody has at least one of them. Through the last decade they became very popular and people want use them not just because of amazing design but also because of so many options they provide. I think I can say that Apple products have dominated a  technology world but if it comes about the iPhones they still have to compete with Samsungs.



STEVE JOBS the man who is the reason of  ‘The Apple Craziness’. Ones love  him the other hate him. But let’s tell the truth he made a big step on the way of technology. Last Friday (13th of November) was a big day for every fan of him because the movie simply called ”Steve Jobs” came out. I was very curious about his history because everybody knows things that he created but nobody exactly knows him.


I went to the cinema on Friday night with that movie but a cinema hall wasn’t full of people as we expected. Film just started and I was very confused at the begining because I didn’t exactly know what was going on. I was waiting for the big ‘wow’ moment, unfortunately it didn’t come. The whole thing was focused on Steve of course, but for me he was presented as a bad guy who doesn’t care about anything but his job. For whom family and friends are not very important. I was expected something different. Before I saw that movie I thought that would be a kind of documentary about Steve Jobs where people that worked with him would say what he was like , how was like to work with him and what type of human he was etc. My expectations were a little bit different but it was still a good movie though.  Kate Winslet who played next to  Michael Fassbender did such a great job! Sometimes during the movie I was more focus on her and the way she played her role than the others main characters.  I also thought there will be more about Apple devices that I and people at my age know. Not only about two first computers that he invented.


Either way I thing that movie is worth watching and I highly recommend it.  😀



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