Selfie Epidemic

selfie-stick-1024Have you ever wondered why taking selfies became so popular? Why people prefer front cameras in their smartphones than good high quality in professional cameras?

Most of people, except an elderly people who live and enjoy their retirement, live in a hurry. They do not have time for taking professional pictures and they also do not want to carry a big cameras with them. But one thing they want so much is to share with others what they are doing, what they are eating or where they are going in a particular moment. People, especially teenagers want to be a part of social network and create it. You do not have to know someone in person but you might know a lot of interesting things about her or he from his page on Facebook or Twitter. You can visit its Instagram profile as well. And ten minutes later you know everything about this person both good and bad things. It is said that you can be anonymous on the Internet but this is not true. People can find lots of information about you there.selfie1

Selfie? As a Oxford dictionary says it is ”A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.” Taking that kind of photos became so popular but no one knows why. And that is the most interesting thing in this whole ”selfie craziness”. Celebrities are the most know promoters of selfies. They are doing them everywhere they are and everything they are doing. Having breakfast, eating dinner or taking shower they have to do selfie first! It is like obsession and addiction. But not only famous people on it suffer. Loads of teens are crazy about taking selfies and sharing them with online communities. Maybe in this way they want the others to pay attention on them. Maybe they want make they friends jealous posting photo online and tagging it with cool hashtags. Imagine situation like this: a group of good friends go to Starbucks to drink delicious coffee and when they finally got what they ordered first thing is picture which 2 seconds later is online and everybody can see that this person is enjoying free time at Starbucks with friends.

It is hard to say selfies are bad as they are not. They are a simply way to take picture of ourselves. I think bad aspect of them is that we share them everywhere and with everybody. And I try to understand we want come into being or become popular online but if it is all worth it? I mean our private life and anonymity. Before posting something on the Internet we should think twice because later we can regret this. In the past when our parents and grandparents were young they enjoyed their time playing games or hanging out with friends without taking pictures, they did not even have a mobile phone!

0a88144570fc3f2d7c5324dd456621e6 woody-selfie

So let us see whether we would like to move back up those times and live happily without the whole of this pressure and confusion.


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